Thursday, July 29, 2010

Situation Normal

I can hardly believe it has been two months since I posted! Wow! I am really getting bad at this.

Life is moving along. We've had lots going on and I'm thinking there will not ever be a "quiet" time. I think this is just it. Chaos is normal now.

Sydney is getting ready to start school in a few weeks. I can hardly believe that. Where did the time go? She's been crazy sassy the last several weeks and I'll admit that, once or twice, I was excited at the prospect of Kindergarten. I usually get over it though.

She's doing very well at swim class lately. She's getting past her nerves and is really jumping in. She did her first solo back float last weekend. We were so proud of her. She'd been very resistant to it. Looks like she'll be moving up to the next level. Yay! Our goal is to keep them enrolled throughout the year. We'll see how it works out.

Nathan has been growing and changing quickly these days. He no longer has that baby face. He is truly a little boy now. He is still using his charm to get what he wants. He's finding that it doesn't work as much as it has in the past. Time to lay down the law a bit more. :)

The little man uses any and every opportunity he has to get into the forbidden and/or make a mess. He takes advantage of mom's potty breaks and knows when the laundry bell or the phone rings. In a flash, he takes off and tries to complete his mission. He keeps me hopping! Sydney wasn't this mischievous, but she's catching up. Add the two of them together and our little neighbor, Sydney, and it is a complete and utter mess!

Last night, Sydney C. came to play and have dinner with us. While Marc was washing the dishes, I went upstairs to check on the kids. They were happily playing house in the playroom. I went back downstairs, started drying and after about six minutes, we heard water. NEVER GOOD! Marc and I bolted upstairs and found the bathroom door locked. When we opened the door we found Sydney T., naked, laughing hysterically, Sydney C., naked, laughing hysterically while perched in one of the double sinks and Nathan, in his underwear, sitting in the other sink throwing water by the cupful all over the bathroom and the girls. There was at least an inch of water on the floor. Good grief. We couldn't help but laugh. I was just amazed at how quickly they move.

If the mess left behind wasn't enough, while drying the girls off, I discovered that they had colored their eyelids with markers. When asked why they said, "We are going to a party, silly." There you have it. I'm the silly one. Oh and you don't want your make up to fade so we used real markers, not washable ones. Sigh. This is just another day at the office.

Speaking of office, my firm merged and my position has essentially been phased out entirely. It has been another adjustment for me. It has been hard in many ways, but easier in others. It is hard to explain, but it has been difficult.

The kids and I have been visiting a local church for the last month. So far, I'm quite happy there. I'm still finding my way, but I enjoy going and so do the kids. So, I figure that is a start. I'll just wait to see how things play out.

I hope to check in again soon, but who knows? :)

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