Monday, March 15, 2010


The relationship between Sydney and Nathan is quite adorable, most of the time. Generally they are holding hands, chasing after each other and when one is out of the room, the other instantly notices.

This evening, Sydney and Nathan decided that they HAD to sleep together. They turned on the charm, sad faces and whatnot. Remembering how I loved snuggling with my sister, early and late in life (now), I gave in. The first hour or so was talking and giggling, which I expected and before I knew it, Nathan was downstairs in tears with a bloody cheek. It seems that Sydney didn't appreciate Nathan's constant chatter and she retaliated by scratching him (very hard). This immediately reminded me of my teenage years when Ashley wanted to sleep in my room and I got so mad that I dug my nails into her arm. Certainly not one of my proudest moments, but I was a teenage brat. Hmmm...I could totally see myself in Sydney, as if that is new. We instantly gave Syd a hard time for being so mean, even if Nathan wasn't nice, and then, we did the same to Nate. We gave them the "you are to look out for each other" chat (again). I'm sure they will be hugging in the morning, which will be followed by the usual squabbles.

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