Friday, September 18, 2009

San Francisco Here We Come!

Marc and I are escaping for a much needed vacation tomorrow morning. We are taking this one on our own. We will surely miss the babes, but it will be nice to have some time for just us.
Have a great week!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Super Nanny, Nanny 911 and Doctor Whoever, What Now?!

We had a very long evening last night. Thank you, Sydney Elaine. We've had trouble getting Sydney to go to bed each night for a while, but it really kicked in to high gear last week and hit a peak (I hope) last night. She is adamant about not staying in her room. After trying all the "tricks" suggested, we are at our wits end. We know it is a phase, but we are tired and left without a plan.

Step 1: Establish a routine. Yeah yeah yeah. We've had the same routine since she was a little less than a year. It has only varied slightly with the birth of Nathan and, of course, during vacations and visits to the homes of others. (CHECK!)

Step 2: Eliminate sugary snacks and caffeine before bed. Seriously? My kid is four. She doesn't eat a lot of candy and she definitely doesn't drink caffeine, unless of course you count the two cups of coffee she drinks before school. NOT! (DUH and CHECK!)

Step 3: If the protest, return them to bed over and over. We've done this one a hundred million times. One night, I did it with ipod earbuds in so that I wouldn't get ticked after 1.5 HOURS! NEXT!

Step 4: Sit in the hall and return the child. It goes with Step 3, is just as useless, but at least I get to read a little.

Step 5: Create rewards for good behavior. Great. Sydney is interested in the computer. So, we bought the same educational game the school has and created a reward system that enabled her to earn time on the computer each weekend. It worked for two weeks. Then, she told me she didn't care. Perfect!

Step 6: If they are scared, eliminate the "bad." So, she decided a while back that there were porcupine bunnies in the house. So, mom made a "trap" for them out of a plastic basket and a recorder. Nothing caught and nothing gained.

Step 7: Take away privileges. We've taken away fruit snacks and other junk I cannot recall right now. "Take 'em!" She says.

Step 7: Take away her toys. Her room is now empty.

Step 8: "Spank her butt and that'll fix it!" Some have said. Yep, we tried that too. It didn't work and now we feel bad about it. Thanks!

Step 9: ________________?????????????????????? I have no idea what goes here.

I need help. Ideas please! I really don't know what to do.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Big News!

Some of you already knew and many of you found out yesterday on Facebook, but I'm moving! We are moving back to Fredericksburg to be closer to family. The biggest news of all is that I am going to be a SAHM for a few years.

Just a very short two years ago, I wrote an irate post to Anonymous about school, etc. While I still believe in that post, several things have happened over the last few years that have made us stop and think about the value of family, our time together and how FLEETING it really can be. While I want to teach my children the value of pursuing whatever you desire, we find it equally important to teach them to stop and appreciate what is around them. Now, I am and have been extremely thankful for all I have, but we were faced with, what feels like, a golden opportunity: to strengthen our family bonds and provide our children with a familial community.

I've struggled with this for a while, hold off on school and stay home or tough it out. As much as I wanted to tough it out, and attempted to for a bit, I found two obstacles: the LSAT and my heart. I took the LSAT twice. I cancelled my scores the first time and the second time, I blew it. I have crazy test anxiety and while practice tests would be acceptable, the real deal would throw me into a volcano of emotion. So, I've gone around the bushes, over the hill and through the woods to get to the simple conclusion that I likely have my whole life to continue my education or perhaps not. What I do know is that, where my kids are concerned, I don't want regrets.

So, for now, school is on continued pause and I'm gearing up for a new adventure. I'm excited to spend more time with my children and family. I'm thrilled that we will not be living directly on top of our neighbors and that my kids will have their aunts, grandparents and great grandparents close. I'm terrified, but hopeful that I will be okay at this difficult job.

Please wish us luck, health and happiness! *Crossing fingers, eyes and toes*