Friday, June 26, 2009

Freaky Friday

Talk about Freaky Friday, man. Seriously! This week is nuts. First, Ed McMahon. Then, Farah Fawcett and now, Michael Jackson. What the crap?!

Now, I know there is all kinds of commentary going about about the King of Popl right now, good and bad. I just have to put my two cents in. I am surprised at how sad I am. Honestly. Michael Jackson turned out to be a tormented person, which makes me quite sad. Some of my first memories are of me dancing to his songs in my grandmother's bedroom in front of a mirror, of course. I wanted desperately to see him in concert, but I was too young. I was enthralled with Michael. I wanted to dress like him, dance like him and any opportunity to watch him on tv was special. I've cried to more than one of his songs and have been known to throw out a "He he" at odd times. Whatever personal demons he had, it does not discount his talent in my eyes. He was my first icon, who was replaced by Tina Turner. :) I hope he has finally found peace.

Alright, enough about Michael. Let's talk about me. Ha ha! I've been trying to keep notes on my crackberry so that I won't forget things I want to blog about and we'll see how it turns out.

First, last week, I had a rough week. It was nutty at work. I was getting hit from all sides and finally lost my temper on Thursday afternoon. It wasn't pretty. I left work, cried and headed to the salon for a wax. Yeah, talk about insult to injury! BLEAH! I hate being a girl sometimes. I picked the kids up and thankfully, they were in an okay mood, at least for a short time. I was running errands trying to get stuff together for the weekend. We hit Bed, Bath and Beyond for a rolling pin and Sydney starts tuning up about how hungry she is. "I'm really really really really....hungry." She says. Okay! Good grief. I'm literally standing in the parking lot looking around for food and I have two choices, Chili's or McDonald's. There was no way I was eating McDonald's so, we went to Chili's. Sydney convinced me that she just could wait for her dinner and she's never so emphatic about food so, I decided to get chips and salsa. The kids ate like little piggies and I didn't get to eat. So, I boxed up my dinner. Sydney was getting a bit sassy anyway so, I was glad we were ready to leave.

We hopped in the car. I had a few more stops to make and I knew the first had better be Starbucks because I was so sleepy. We headed in that direction. The kids were playing the "Ack" game in the backseat. I don't know why it is so funny, but I didn't care until I heard a real vomit sound and Sydney screamed. Oh boy! I pulled over and discovered that Nathan had vomited mac and cheese all over the back of the car. YUCK! Seriously? Geez. Sydney was crying, Nathan was crying and I was gagging. At this point in my day, I just started laughing. It was just getting to the point of ridiculous. I cleaned up the mess and decided that all of my other errands would have to be cancelled, with the exception of the Starbucks drive thru. That was not up for discussion.

We made it to the Starbucks with the windows down. Thank goodness there was no rain that day. We pulled around to find that the line was quite long. I considered backing out, but I waited too long to decide and then I was trapped by another car. Oh well. So, we sat. Sydney and Nathan were playing games again and I was thankful for their good spirits. Sydney had taken her shoe off and was playing with her umbrella. She was pretending it was a fishing pole and she'd pick her shoe up off the floor by the shoestring and squeal, "Look what I caught, Mommy!" It was cute and pretty creative.

There is a service station next to the SB drive thru. Sydney likes to yell greetings to anyone who will look in our direction, and those who don't. This day was no different, until she decided to show them what she'd caught on her "fishing pole." Before I knew it, she'd tossed her shoe out the window and into the bushes. I was mad at first and then I saw the surprise on her face. I wanted to crack up, but I had to keep my stern mommy face on. Throwing things out of the car is not good. Getting out of the car to retrieve them out of the bushes while everyone in the drive thru is watching isn't much better. Funny, but embarrassing. That is how that day ended and I was glad. What had been really just a nasty, frustrating day turned into a gross, but silly day.

I went to see a movie this week with Allie. We saw 'The Proposal' and it was fantastic! Honestly! If you haven't seen it yet, go right now. Get up and go! It was sooo good. I laughed out loud and often. I had a great time. Good dinner, good movie and good company. Awesome! Thanks, Allie!

Well, we are gearing up for a visit from Dad, Jenn and Josh this weekend. We're excited. It has been a bit. I'm not sure what we'll do yet, but there doesn't seem to be anything too fun going on in this area, surprisingly, tomorrow. We might just hit the pool. I do have some dinner plans, which reminds me I need to get a list going.

I hope you have a great weekend!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ocks and Ooos!

Yep, my little Nate insists that shoes and socks are "ocks and ooos," but I'm okay with it.

Mr. Nathan's scar has healed up and the stitches fell out finally. He, of course, has two additional bruises on his head, a scratch under his eye and his fingers are scraped. He isn't phased at all.

Had a nasty headache yesterday and stayed home. Got dressed and drove down the street at one point to go to work, but decided (after Marc insisted) to turn around and go back home. It turned out to be a really good idea because I ended up feeling quite terrible again. Better now. Yay!

We are gearing up for a major celebration this weekend. Father's Day and B-days! Wow! Syd is turning four this weekend. I just cannot believe it.

I hope all is well with you! Take care!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Friday Already?! Yay!

This has been one busy week. I'm actually just starting to accept this pace as my new normal. Why fight it? It only brings frustration. So, from this point forward, I don't care. Sadly, this means that I will have a new goal of posting of twice a week. We'll see if this makes me feel any better. :)

We returned to reality a week ago today. We spent Saturday running errands and spending time together. It was quite a lovely day. Sunday, we did some chores and overall had a relaxing day. Wait! I thought I said "returned to reality." True, we did. We kicked the chaos off again on Sunday afternoon. Sydney and I were taking a nap when Marc woke us up with a sad Nate in tow. Nate had slipped on a stair and split his forehead wide open. So, we spent the next three hours or so hanging out in Loudoun Hospital waiting for Nate to get three stitches. Poor little guy was quite brave, Nathan too. :) Marc hates the hospital scene. I cannot blame him.

Work was nutty busy this week and it has been a bit dreary outside. In many ways, I enjoy it. I'd certainly prefer rain during the week. Also, it is nice to not have to water our garden, which exploded while we were out of town. We had our first salad last Sunday from our garden. I love it! Cannot wait to see the tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers appear.

Have a great weekend and stay chill!