Friday, June 5, 2009

Friday Already?! Yay!

This has been one busy week. I'm actually just starting to accept this pace as my new normal. Why fight it? It only brings frustration. So, from this point forward, I don't care. Sadly, this means that I will have a new goal of posting of twice a week. We'll see if this makes me feel any better. :)

We returned to reality a week ago today. We spent Saturday running errands and spending time together. It was quite a lovely day. Sunday, we did some chores and overall had a relaxing day. Wait! I thought I said "returned to reality." True, we did. We kicked the chaos off again on Sunday afternoon. Sydney and I were taking a nap when Marc woke us up with a sad Nate in tow. Nate had slipped on a stair and split his forehead wide open. So, we spent the next three hours or so hanging out in Loudoun Hospital waiting for Nate to get three stitches. Poor little guy was quite brave, Nathan too. :) Marc hates the hospital scene. I cannot blame him.

Work was nutty busy this week and it has been a bit dreary outside. In many ways, I enjoy it. I'd certainly prefer rain during the week. Also, it is nice to not have to water our garden, which exploded while we were out of town. We had our first salad last Sunday from our garden. I love it! Cannot wait to see the tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers appear.

Have a great weekend and stay chill!


Courtney said...

Poor Nathan. Glad he did okay. We have been really busy at work too. All my posts are scheduled ones from the day I decided I had nothing better to do. Glad I did, if not there would be none. Gotta get some work done now.

Jess said...

Poor baby! Ugh, the hospital with little ones is the worst.

Ruhiyyih Rose said...

I was thinking about you this morning and thought I would stop by the blog. I'm leaving at the end of the month - heading back to WA! :( Lots of exciting changes... :)

I hope your lil guy is all recovered!