Wednesday, November 18, 2009

How Does That Happen?

I've been here, stalking others. I've been fairly quiet, except on Facebook. It is too easy.

We're gearing up for the move, which is in about three weeks. We have boxes everywhere and now, I even have some at work. I decided I should begin acclimating myself to it. It is going to be a tough adjustment. Our clients aren't making it any easier by telling me how much they will miss me. It is nice to hear, but...

The house is ready. The sod is down and all of the details are finished. They will be cleaning up and getting ready for the punch list on the 2nd. I have a list already. Yes, I'm like that.

The kids are great. Nathan is adorable and even more fascinated with stories and television. Goodness gracious that boy loves the television. We really limit the tv in our house. Generally speaking, the kids watch tv for a bit on the weekends only. Sydney never really minded until recently. Nathan, however, is drawn to the television.

Nathan loves to say, "I hold you tight, mommy." and "That's scary." He uses complete sentences and loves to talk. He's got quite a temper, which he gets honest and has started whining as a tactic to get things. Ugh. I really dislike that. Sydney is famous for it and we're trying desperately to get her out of the habit.

Sydney is growing into such a little lady. I often forget her age. She acts like a tiny adult sometimes. She's such a big helper and will do her best work when she feels needed. She doesn't, however, like to help clean up her brother's messes. "I didn't make that mess!" She says. We explain that we are a team and we all do things in our home to help each other, including cleaning up messes we didn't make.

She's FINALLY started keeping herself dry at night. We'd tried on several occasions, but to no avail. We decided about two weeks ago to give it a try again and SUCCESS. She's received little rewards here and there, but has been banking tokens that she will use to get princess sheets for her new room. She's quite excited about that and so are we! I'm thinking I'll start working with Nathan after we move. Oh boy.

Last week, Sydney and I were talking about the move and how she wouldn't be going to school anymore, at least for the time being. I told her we were still going to learn things and asked what she wanted to learn. She gave me a few ideas and reminded me about the time she wanted to learn about milk. We'd visited a dairy farm nearby, etc. She mentioned something about cheese and I asked if she knew where cheese came from. She responded, "Yes, I do. It comes from cows. They give the milk to a mouse and the mouse makes the cheese." There you have it.

I'll check in later. Knowing me, much later. I'm still keeping up with the lot of you so, don't worry. :)



Jess said...

I read your blog and it is like reading my blog! We have the same life - Ella is finally staying dry at night too, Gabriel is also obsessed with the TV and we just got sod and landscaping at our house today! Woo hoo! Ella is also busy planning her pink princessy bedroom.

You just need to be pregnant with me again...

jennie w. said...

You must be so excited. I love moving! Good luck!