Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A Wonderful Weekend

I have many many pictures to upload, but here are some from Dad and Jenn. We visited them the first weekend in May and had a wonderful weekend. Look at how my babes are growing. :) In case you were wondering, the little boy in the photo is my brother, Josh.

Monday, May 26, 2008

We're Going On A Picnic

We've had a bit of trouble getting in sync this weekend, which has had a big impact on getting things accomplished (or not). Today has been a different story. We've been productive and we've decided to hit the park. With a few Subway picks, a ball and sunscreen in tow, we're on our way.

I hope you all are having a wonderful holiday.

With all due respect, our family is thankful to all of the men and women who lost their lives protecting our country and the freedom we hold so dear.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Waiting Again

I love this thing when I am stuck in a waiting room and I have been in three this week (two for me and one for Nate). I am having a sono on my kidneys and liver. I think they are just covering their bases.

Nate weighed in the other day at 14 lbs and 5 oz. He has started eating cereal and boy does he get excited. I'm so glad the doc sd it was ok because he tracks every bite of food we take. He had his immunizations as well and seems to be doing well after, just a low grade fever.

Well, that didn't take long. This center, new to me, actually took me on time. In fact, they were early! Holy cow! What a concept! Now, I'm off to work.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Ahh Drat!

I was hoping there would be no meds in my future, but that isn't the case. Crap crap crappity crap!

Waiting Room Fun

I'm hanging out at the doctor's office this morning for my month check up. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I won't have to start taking any meds and that my efforts will show in my reading. Although, I was indulgent during my vaca.

This afternoon Nate has his four month check up. I'll be interested to see how much he weighs.

It is beautiful outside here. Enjoy your day!

Monday, May 19, 2008

So Lucky!!

Tonight my children and I were on the playground by the pool house. I was feeding Nate and Syd was playing on the slide. She was just about to go down when some crazy old man ran up the hill, over a young tree and into the tot lot. He was literally three feet from the bottom of the slide Syd was about to go down.

I instantly flipped out, ran to Syd and started yelling at the man who was now trying desperately to get his truck off the playground. This only made me yell louder. I was scared he was going to go flying into the cars that had just pulled up. They had not yet noticed his attempts to move.

After everything settled down and I had a tight grip on Syd, I was able to calm down. I had been pretty nuts. I yelled, "Are you a freaking idiot?" and "Stop, Moron, before you kill someone!" In hindsight, I'm glad I didn't use any foul language. Of course, Syd was calling the man an "idinit" and seemed to think that the man was specifically trying to hurt her.

"Accidents happen sometimes and we are lucky everyone is safe, " I said. I thought the man might be a little apologetic, but not in the least. I suppose I could care less about his apologies. I'm just so thankful we're all safe. It could've gone differently tonight.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Homeward Bound

We're going to start our journey home in just a few short hours. It is always sad when a vaca ends isn't it? We had such a wonderful week!

Thanks Tom and Mom!

Friday, May 16, 2008

I'm Going to Puke

Okay, I think I finally overdid it. Last night, Marc took me out for a belated Mom's Day dinner while the "Old Folks" watched the babes. I cannot remember the last time we went out in the evening alone.

Leave it to me to eat until I feel like barfing.

To add insult to injury, Nate just peed on me.

I'm off to change our clothes. I'll laugh about this tomorrow.


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A Perfect Day

We got up this morning, had breakfast and spent most of the day on the beach. Sydney played in the sand, picked up shells and flew her kite with Dad.

We followed it all with a nice afternoon nap and a yummy dinner of grilled chx, mashed redskin potatoes, steamed asparagus and salad.

I haven't eaten dessert yet, but we are going to have apple pie.

I'm not sure what is on the list for tomorrow, but I'm sure it will be great.

Hope your week is great too!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Wacky Weather and Yummy Food

I'm constantly tricked by the weather at home, but it has been even more wacky here. One minute it is sunny then it is cold and they are calling for tornadoes. We came fairly well prepared so, we just pretend we are taking part in an all-weather fashion show.

We've also been pigging out left and right. We hit a seafood restaurant on Saturday, had a huge breakfast of eggs, bacon and toast yesterday morning, wonderful chx salad my mom made for lunch, steak and baked potato last nightn and pancakes for breakfast today. Tonight there is a plan of picking up a bushel of crabs and having a crab bake. Mmmm...I can hardly wait.

Well, we're on our way to the Outlets, to get into trouble no doubt.

Happy Monday! Did I mention I love this blackberry? Okay, CRACKBERRY!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Rain Rain Go Away

Well, we made it...after nine hours. Thankfully, it was an enjoyable ride.

Nathan gave me a wonderful Mom's Day gift...SLEEP! Nathan slept for SIX straight hours last night. Then, Dad got up for the next shift and that gave me a total of NINE+ hrs. SWEET BLISS!

It is pouring rain this morning and is quite chilly. I hope it changes soon.

Happy Mom's Day to all the moms out there.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Recovering Ground Quickly

We were supposed to leave last night, but there was just too much to do.

We got up this morning and finally made it out of the house around 9:30am. It is now nearly noon and we are just now reaching the Richmond area. With about six hours left, we've decided to make a pitstop and visit Grandma Loretta and Uncle Wes. What a great way to turn our cruddy delay into something fun. After all, we are on vacation! :)

Friday, May 9, 2008

Packin' Up and Headin' Out

It is time for the annual family beach trip. We are heading to Myrtle for the week. We are hoping for good weather. Our brother, Wes, will be house and dog sitting for us. Thanks, Wes.

Well, I'm off to pack. Have a good night.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Wiggle Wiggle

I was handing a client a document during a meeting this morning when I noticed that my tri was freely flapping around. I hope the client didn't think I was a nut when I jerked my arm back in disgust.

Looks like I'm going to have to add one more thing to work on to my list. Ick! Ick! Oh well, Janet Reno would be proud.

Wiggle Wiggle

I was handing a client a document during a meeting this morning when I noticed that my tri was feely flapping around. I hope the client didn't think I was a nut when I jerked my arm back in disgust.

Looks like I'm going to have to add one more thing to work on to my list. Ick! Ick! Oh well, Janet Reno would be proud.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Amen, Sydney!

This weekend we had a great visit with my dad, stepmom and brother. While we there we went to church. Now without getting into it in great detail, it would be helpful for you to know that I am essentially agnostic and by that I mean I believe there is something above us, I'm just not sure it is God per se. I wish I could feel so strongly as some do that there is, but too many things have happened to too many people to make me question the existence.

Okay, so during Sydney's first visit to church, she loudly asked, during prayer, if we were going to sing another song and then decided to kick things off by singing Frosty the Snowman! I had to laugh. The outbursts continued, including a loud whisper to my dad, again during prayer, "We have to be really quiet...". I suppose she had been listening to me after all. I can't wait to tell her about this when she grows up.

Joining The Tech World

I got a blackberry today and I am so excited for so many reasons. Obviously, one big one is that I can blog on the road. I always think of things in the middle of the night that I want to put here for the purpose of preservation. Now, I can. Well, right now I have to pick up the kids.