Thursday, July 26, 2007

Junk Food Junkie! HELP!

When I was pregnant with Sydney I wanted to eat veggies, fruit and not much more (specifically, strawberries and green beans). Really! I would have chosen a plate of green beans over a steak.

This time, I've turned into a junk food junkie. If it is sweet, salty and fatty, I'll eat it! Last week, my lunches consisted primarily of bacon cheeseburgers. I even woke up one morning wanting one, but had to settle for a bacon, egg and cheese biscuit because, wonder why, no one was open to make a bacon cheeseburger for me. Today's lunch: beef souvlaki and cheese sticks! Not good!
I'm counting the hours until I get to go home. There is a big jar of Claussen dill pickles in my fridge calling my name! YUM! I've always loved them though. No ice cream or yogurt! :( It kills me. I care less about the ice cream, but desperately miss my yogurt. :(

I still LOVE green beans and early on, I would have eaten a tray of fresh peaches. Now that I'm barely sick, which is fabulous, I want grease, grease and more grease! I'm 16 wks today. I was so sick with Sydney that it is just an absolute delight to say I get sick once a day and I'm set. This pregnancy is so different. Wonder if we will be blessed with a baby boy?

Who has/had the strangest pregnancy cravings?


Aimee said...

Jacob it was all about cake, brownies and cookies. I also enjoyed fritos, salt and vinegar chips and pickles. Pregnancy of champions and I showed it by gaining 50 lbs.

I loved fruit and veggies with Joshua. Salads were my craving! I ate so many salads that I still can't really sit and eat a salad. I only gained 35 lbs with him. Phew.

Hopefully the next time I'll crave the good stuff! I enjoyed chowing down on fatty foods with no worries in the world! Enjoy yourself while you can.

Jess T said...

Salt and Vinegar chips....mmmmmm. That sounds soooo good right now. :)

Sounds like despite the difference in pregnancies, there is still a possibility for a girl. :) I'm curious.

We'll find out on the 16th! :)

Melissa said...

2 of my girls I craved Salt, and 2 of them I craved Sweet, 1 was a combo. So I'm so not much help.

Weirdest craving....I guess it's not really weird, but I used to buy Ice from Sonic by the bag and sit and eat it non stop with Paige. =)

Jess said...

With Ella I had a strong aversion to meat, especially chicken and I craved cilantro like crazy and put it on everything I could.

This time around I seem to not have any aversions (unfortunately!) and I also don't have anything I am eating with abandon - but it is early yet.

My pregnancy with this baby is so different too. I barely even think about being pregnant because it has been so easy - thank goodness for both of us since we both had wacky things going on last time around.

And please don't expect to get an OUNCE of sympathy from me with your greasy food cravings since you still look smaller than I did *before* I got pregnant! I think I envy your genes just a little.


Jess T said...


Ha ha! You are too funny.

Aversions this time--asparagus! BLEAH! I would eat it almost every day before pregnancy now, I cannot even cook it in the house.

I know what you mean about the easy pregnancy! We are sooo lucky or are they just normal pregnancies. I had myself convinced for the longest time after Syd that I wouldn't do it again. Well, I guess it wasn't that long (two years). :)


You still give me hope that it could be a girl. :) Hmm...I guess that means that I'm kind of hoping for one. :) I guess since we have everything for a girl it would be nice. Although, just healthy would be a blessing.

Tiburon said...

When I was pregnant with my son I had to have a Wendy's Jr Bacon Cheeseburger EVERYDAY! I wanted meat, meat and more meat. I used to get up at 3 in the morning and cook up a pound of ground beef and just eat it right out of the pan.

With my girls I wanted fruit, candy - anything sweet!

rachd said...

Oh, that sounds *so* familiar! With Hannah all I wanted was fresh fruits and veggies, particularly strawberries and spinach (but NOT at the same time). With Lil all I wanted was ice cream, and LOTS of it! Guess which child loved fresh fruits and veggies and would even ask for broccoli instead of fries, and which child is a junk food junkie!

Jess T said...

Hannah a veggie girl? I heard she loved making those cakes. I remember reading a post on Jess' site about her flagging all of the chocolate cakes. :)